Bill Gates Deleted Documentary Why He Switched From Microsoft To Vaccines

Bill Gates Deleted Documentary Why he switched from Microsoft to vaccines
– Unmasked by the Justice Department in exclusionary practices designed to maintain monopoly in personal computer operating systems.
– Campaign to change his image from ruthless tech monopolizer to the worlds most generous philanthropist and start of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation branding vaccines to the poor parts of the world.
– Vaccine investments bring a 20 to 1 return: 10 Billion -> 200 Billion Dollars.
– Multi National corporation (Seatle – Africa Asia)
– Is the worlds biggest private philanthropy causing harm?
Investments in 69 of the worst polluting companies, forcing people to lose homes, supporting child labour, fraude and neglecting patients…
– WHO sponsor / donor
– The new normal until a vaccine is developed
– Reagan shielded vaccine makers for any liability making wrong products.
– The US citizens pay for all damages
– 2009 HPV vaccines in India causing seizures, cancer and death; no insurance no assistance for the victims.
– Gates Foundation denied it did not do clinical trials on the vaccines.
– India created a taskforce that kicked the Gates foundation out of the country in 2015.
– Now they are back doing the old tricks again.
– Manipulation through public media in India including politicians and Bollywood
– Genetically modified organisms in vaccines and shooting them right in the vein.
The vaccines caused paralyzing 640.000 Indian children, at least 496.000 above normal (2012).
– Fact checkers rushed in to bury this story
(Therefor search the NIH website (national Library of Medicine)
– Through Gavi vaccine Alliance Bill Gates is sued by the poorest countries in the world for seriously harming vaccination programs.
– Africa is used as lab rats by the foundation
– Kissinger and Carter wanted to shrink the populations so they do not use the resources of their land for themselves.
– African population control
World population control
– How can you believe big pharma but not the parents when they tell that their children have been injured by big pharma?
– Mutant stains of polio vaccine now cause more paralysis than wild polio!
– Bill Gates key financer of the Stratospheric controlled
perturbation experiment

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